{1} Your body feels hung over itself. Wilted. Your body hasn’t seen the sun in too long. A tree grew above you, sheltered you too much and then died—and then a man plucks you, feeds you with sugar water.

{2} Your body is on the bed and he has your hair wrapped around his fist like your hair could be the hand wrap underneath his boxing glove. Your head is pulled so far back you think you might swallow the ceiling. He’s whispering, ‘Kiss me, kiss me,’ and you are trying to kiss him, but he never lets go of your hair. ‘Why aren’t you fucking kissing me?’ His voice is sandpaper. ‘I’m trying.’ Your voice is a mewling cat. The hunger refuses to die in your throat. He lets go of your hair and you kiss him—finally.

{3} His body is above your body—like the old tree was just replaced with a new tree. You are on your stomach and he’s hovering above you with his hands pushing your neck into the mattress. Something happens. You’re screaming but learning that screaming isn’t always in fear. Soon, he’s crippled and you have to hold up his weight. Soon, he’s whispering in your ear about love with his body hung over itself. He’s whispering about how beautiful he’s made you and you’re just thankful that somebody is making use out of you again. You’re just thankful your hanging limbs were something someone wanted to pluck, water, keep.

Moriah Pearson, untitled pieces about love or sex (via mooneyedandglowing)


Must Watch: Emma Watson delivers the most power speech to United Nations about feminism

If men don’t have to be aggressive, women won’t be compelled to be submissive. If men don’t need to control, women won’t have to be controlled. Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals. We should stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by who we are.

*drops mic* *kicks door down* *does perfect emma watson things*

Because I learned a bit too late - love does not quell depression. Rather, it is an escape, a heavenly one; love is your support when the whole world demands your strength, swallows you whole - love will be at your side and will not let you succumb. But love does not subdue depression.

Because I learned a bit too early - making love differs from having sex. Making love is the equivalent of exploring each other’s bodies together. It is the equivalent of softly laughing together and allowing yourselves to learn from mistakes you make. Having sex is when he asks you to get on your knees, and each time, you gag on disappointment. Having sex is when you stare at the ceiling as he buries his desires into you, faking ecstasy for his sake. He will be too rough, but you will moan his name regardless, for him.

Because regardless of how he uses you when he should be loving you, responding to his sexual desires is easier than giving yourself a backbone - you will know he is out of love. You will know he merely loves the curves of your body rather than your entirety.

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"How Not To React When Your Son Is Gay"

My heart breaks while watching this video. If you’re reading this and need support, please contact The Trevor Project. They are the leading national organization for crisis & suicide prevention - they are there to talk, 24/7 - confidential and free.

this made me sick to my stomach

every straight person needs to watch this video


She sounds just like Bey…lmao